Improve Mental Performance

Building mind exercises into your daily habits and personal growth routine can greatly improve mental performance in areas such as: Concentration, Focus, Clarity, Memory. In fact, recent discoveries in cognitive science have revealed that your brain is much more changeable and receptive to mind exercises than we’ve ever known before.

Whereas scientists used to think of an adult brain as fixed like a machine, we now know the brain is incredibly malleable. Researchers in the field of neuroplasticity have discovered that thoughts and actions actually change the structure of your brain.

The more your think a thought or preform a certain mental action, the stronger the neural connections become.  But, throughout your lifetime, you can create and strengthen new neural connections. Hence, your brain is like a “plastic” and responds quickly to changes in thoughts.

Below you can see some examples of exercises and strategies to help you improve brain functioning.

The Fundamentals of Mind Enhancement. These include eating, sleeping, and exercising well, and building in body-mind practices such as meditation, yoga, and visualization.

Brain Foods. The popular saying “You are what you eat” particularly rings true for the brain.  Your brain consumes 60% of your glucose supply, 20% of oxygen, and 14% of bloodflow – despite being only 2% of the body mass.  Because of this, eating brain foods will have a disproportionate affect on your mental performance.

Mindfulness Exercises. The practice of mindfulness – or paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment – can quickly develop your powers of concentration.  Mindfulness trains both your concentration and your awareness.

Visualization. Research in the field of neuroplasticity (mentioned above) reveals that, amazingly, visualizing something has a nearly identical effect on your brain as actually seeing or doing it.   Because of this, visualization is a powerful mind exercise that, in addition to training your powers of concentration, will bring many good things into your life.

Positive Thinking. Here again, the structure of your brain can actually be changed by your thought patterns.  Training yourself in positive thinking and learning to re-program your self-talk and write your own story can create transformations in your life.

Brain Based Learning. Understanding the ways in which the brain processes and stores information can provide powerful insights into the most effective ways to learn.  Learn to harness brain based learning techniques and you can significantly improve your short-term and long-term memory.


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