Treat Eczema

Hypnotherapy can be applied effectively as a natural treatment for eczema.  This is a perfectly natural treatment because treatment using hypnotherapy aims to use the innate healing power of ones own mind and body. Just like any other allergy eczema is a over reaction of your immune system. Your immune system will wrongly determine the so-called trigger as a threat. Therefore it produces a huge unnecessary response shedding skin.

Like a guard dog that will bark at everyone, not just intruders or a car alarm that will keep going off when it doesn’t have to. The guard dog needs to be retrained so that it will only bark when it really needs to. And the car alarm needs to be reset so that it is only activated when a real threat happens to the car’s security. Some of the medical treatments include creams with steroids which work to calm your immune system from overreacting. Medical treatments however are palliative and may not stop the symptoms from beginning in the first place.

The alternative view is that eczema is caused by trapped emotion or an inappropriate release mechanism for emotion. The discovery of the emotional cause and development of an alternative method to release that emotion using hypnotherapy can control the eczema.

If you are suffering from eczema, hypnotherapy may be the valuable natural treatment or control of your symptoms.  Hypnosis can retrain your unconscious patterns so that your immune system will only respond to what it needs to respond to. Hypnosis session will work with your subconscious mind and encourage it to ‘reset’ its responses to triggers, which has been causing your skin to be overreacting. Hypnosis session is going to enable you to relax so very deeply and is going to change your unconscious patterns.

It’s a fact that by using hypnosis, we can alter the physical responses in the body. People can actually cure warts with hypnosis. Also hypnosis can heal burns as well as being able to have major surgery without any anesthetic!


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