How Would You Like To Eat Low Carb And Loving It?

Eating low carb is essential to shedding unwanted fat, as we all know by now.

I am not a big fan of calling it a diet… we have way too many negative associations with the word diet and as we all learned – diets don’t work.

The key is to love what you do, and then you can do it easily and for long time.

So, How Can One Love Almost Not Eating Carbs?

In Simple Way – One Have To Love Eating High Protein And Vegetables Instead And Take Out Of One’s Mind Carbs All Together.


Please remember that this is complex subject and goes beyond what’s in this article, but I will do my best to highlight most important things that you need to know, that you can discipline yourself first and then love the process itself and can maintain better eating habits long after reading this article.

I am a strong believer in simplicity. But I would have go into some details on each topic so you can understand and remember its better, but if you would have to take something away from this article – just remember the bold parts.

This article is designed to help you, to slightly influence you on subconscious level, but only if you let it. You can just let it. We are made that way that only accept suggestions and images that are good for us.. I want to help you to get what you want. Let me do this for you.

But How Exactly One Can Do It?

By Doing 2 Simple Things (must) And Follow 4 Simple Tips (optional)


1. Simply By Switching FOCUS away from negative.

When I say “carbs” – here means complex carbs like bread, pasta, pastry.

First we change our perception to bread, pasta and pastry all together; it will become unwanted, negative thing in our minds and then we stop noticing it.


Don’t need to worry about going to the extreme, it’s almost never the case – I just have to exaggerate certain things to make a point (unless you belong to a small % of people who are extremely suggestible and will take everything literary and to the extreme that is described – for you my friend, please remember you will not do anything that would harm you in any way).

What usually happens is that we pay way too much attention to food in general and the one we eat the most – we, of course, pay attention most, we think about it, in tuned to smell it even if others wouldn’t even notice. We allow it to monopolize our mind and of course as a result we just have to have it. And unfortunately then we do have it.  As soon as image develops in our heads it’s become so much more difficult to control yourself. It becomes an uphill battle.

Another example – a dam that is holding on when water comes over and as long as it behind the dam it’s under control and manageable. If the dam breaks or water comes up so high that its spills over – we have a problem and situation is much more difficult to manage.

So, don’t let the image of the unwanted food to develop in your head, don’t let it “spill over the border or break the dam”, and don’t pay attention to it so much. You don’t need to do it.

Remember it’s just food, just fuel and you can choose which fuel to put in. Choose high grade, quality fuel – don’t ruin your insights with the low grade carbs.

You can use a technique that I call SWITCHimmediately switch your focus from any carbs image that comes to your mind anywhere, to something random and not related.

Consciously think of the floor you standing on, the person next to you, the sensations in your hand – anything else, instantly, right that second. And do it again and again and again until carb image or smell or even taste (if you got to the “bite moment”, still can switch) doesn’t bother you anymore or you out of the shop.

Remember carbs are nothing, blank, don’t exist for you, there is nothing in it for you.

They should not be in your site, not in your line of vision (at least at the beginning), if you can do it and if for some reasons they have to be in the house, just simply stop noticing them or look right through them, they mean nothing to you.  Nothing. Then you become not interested in carbs completely, they just don’t do anything for you anymore, there is nothing in it for you.

2. And Simply By Switching FOCUS towards the positive.

All you need to do is Love your salads, veggies, protein. In very similar way that is described above – by controlling your focus. But this time, finding pleasure, exaggerate pleasure, basically – loving it in your head. You don’t have to make yourself to love something you don’t yet. Just find a type of salad you like the most or the dressing you love most or veggies that you just have to have! There must be something, or at least something that you tolerate and can eat to begin with.

Think of it, focus on it, smell it, feel it, focus on the good parts, on taste, smell, texture, colour – anything that you find attractive.

The same goes for protein.. Just imagine how great a freshly cooked salmon can taste (if you vegetarian please read above) or small but succulent, juicy peace of grilled meat.

It will take effort at the beginning, for some people – massive effort, others – not so much, but it DOES gets easier and then something changes in you and you just don’t want to go back.. At that point no effort needed anymore and you can focus on achieving other changes in your magnificent life.

I am speaking from the personal experience as well as from hypnotherapy training and years of research and paying close and passionate attention to a subject.

A Quick note – of course better to mostly eat salads with low cal dressing (find low cal dressing that you absolutely love!) or use spray bottles with olive oil and sprinkle some lemon, if you watching calorie intake and want to shed unwanted fat.


Tip 1. Be Smart About It. Remember to do it in little steps, don’t overdue, there is such thing as too much too soon. Think of the environment you are in and the weakest moments. Find a way to either avoid being in them for about 3-4 weeks or strengthen the control when in contact with temptation for at least 3-4 weeks. It gets easier with each day that passes, each minute, and each second.

Every time you say no to carbs, you master a new skill that only gets stronger each day, each time you say “No”.

Again be smart, don’t go to supermarket hungry, and don’t buy bad foods, if they at home most likely you will eventually eat it. Just don’t buy it if you can do it (of course it’s easier for a single person or a couple who can support each other and do it, at least for 3-4 weeks, for people with children or not very supportive environment, is much more difficult and I take my hat off to you for finding strength to deal with temptation on almost daily basis. It’s a big thing and you should be proud of yourself succeeding, it’s a bigger challenge then it is for anybody else and its only makes you stronger).

Tip 2. Relapse Is A Possibility But Not Necessity. Some people may Secom to temptation, and that’s ok. We only humans, rightJ. Mistakes and setbacks are there to help us. What’s important is not to dwell and continue to move forward right away possibly switching to a higher gear and moving in more forceful way towards developing new, healthy, pleasant, enjoyable eating habits.

Keep only positives in your mind.

Some people who are familiar with self-development must have heard it many times, but it’s really works in many ways and in this instance particular.

Tip 3. It’s All Your Choice. It really is. Nobody would make you do, buy or eat something that you don’t want or you know is not good for you and want to stop. It’s all in your head and You can control it. You only need to apply a lot of effort at the beginning and then its gets easier and easier with each day passing, each minute and second passing; it does get easier and easier.

Remember it’s your choice its starts in your head or at the supermarket when you see all that appealing packaging. Remember it’s no more than just a packaging. It doesn’t just interests you anymore.

Tip 4. Drink Water! Self-explanatory I believe. In short drinking water would fill up your stomach for 10-15 min, so you won’t feel hungry for a bit (if need more time – drink more waterJ). That should give you enough time to find good protein or vegetables and not get tempted with anything else that is nothing..

To Summarize:

Anything unwanted – link negatives to it and get out of your mind.

Anything wanted – link pleasure and keep it in your mind, turn up the dial, make the picture brighter, desirable, let it monopolize your mind, enjoy that happiness.





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