Nutritionist In Weight Management

Recent Certification As Nutritionist In Weight Management awarded by The Fitness Training Company   New Service Provided     Inside the human body there is a relationship between structure and function and nourishment has an effect on both. We know that structurally all systems in the body start as cells, then it becomes tissue and [...]

ease hypnotic sleep app

Ease Hypnotic Sleep App

• Can you think of time when you struggled to fall asleep at night? • Maybe felt tired during a day while at work? • Felt restless and agitated because you were not having enough sleep? Would you like to fall asleep with ease, almost instantly, sleep uninterrupted through the night  and feel fresh and [...]

all treatable issues

All Treatable Issues

Hypnotherapy can help with a whole range of different issues. If you cannot find what you’re looking for on this site, please contact me by calling 077 940 9876 2 or email Additionally to Trance Work the following approaches are used: Client Centered Approach Solution Focused Approach Psychodynamic Approach Gestalt Therapy Transactional Analysis Cognitive Therapies [...]

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Hypnosis FAQs

Hypnosis FAQs

mental performance

Improve Your Mind & Body Performance

Specializing On Corporate Sector And Improving Mind & Body Performance Overall: Being a business owner for 8 years and having a background working in the corporate environment, together with my MBA degree, I am very familiar with the problems related to work environment overall. Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve many of the issues that you face. Become Sales Superstar Get Your [...]

hypnosis downloads

Self Hypnosis Downloads

Self Hypnosis Downloads You will get best results from this download by giving it your full attention and listening to it every day for at least of 3 weeks. Changes may happen earlier than that and I still would recommend listening this download for 3 weeks minimum to develop a new healthy habit that will [...]


Hypnotherapy Sessions Via Skype

Hypnotherapy Sessions Worldwide And In The Comfort Of Your Own Home Using Skype Hypnosis through Skype offers you all the benefits of a hypnotherapy session with the added benefit of being in the comfort of your own home or being anywhere in the world. Skype is free to use and download. To find out more or to download Skype [...]