Contract (Web Form)

Client-therapist agreement

Therapy is a partnership built on mutual trust and respect and I look forward to helping you to achieve your goals. I am insured, supervised, and a member of a professional body (GHR) and I therefore subscribe to their code of ethics.

My commitment to you

  • I will act with integrity, openness, honesty and professionalism in everything I do.
  • I am normally contactable by telephone 9am to 5pm each day or you may leave an answerphone message. I will endeavour to return your call within 24 hours.
  • I will not make decisions for you, but I will offer suggestions if this is desired.
  • I am only able to work with issues for which I have received training.
  • Your records are strictly confidential unless you have given me permission to speak to       others, I am required to disclose information by law, or I believe you are a risk to yourself or others.
  • I will retain your records and shred them after a 5 year period or sooner at my discretion.
  • I will be open to your feedback about how I can improve my service.
  • Complaints should be raised with me in the first instance. If a successful resolution is not reached you may access my professional body’s complaints procedure.


Your commitment to me

  • You need to be open, frank and honest with me at all times.
  • You will let me know immediately of any concerns you have about our work together.
  • Attendance of appointments is essential. You must show commitment to your appointments, value and prioritise them. I have set this time aside for you.
  • Please provide 48 hours notice by telephone if you cannot attend your appointment.
  • You understand that appointments may end at the agreed time even if you arrive late for your session.
  • You understand that the achievement of positive outcomes will require input from you, both within and between our appointments.
  • You are free to leave therapy during a session.
  • The ideal time for bringing a course of therapy to a conclusion is normally agreed between client and therapist. However, you are free to leave a course of therapy, with ample notice as described above, at any time.


How to benefit most from therapy

  • Personal change can be swift or slow dependent on many factors, including personal motivation, the severity and complexity of the problem, how ambitious your goals are, etc. Please be patient!
  • Come with a positive expectation that therapy will be helpful and productive.
  • Speak openly about your ideas of what will help.
  • Understand that change often requires practice and perseverance.
  • Be aware that no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement.


Thank you again for coming to see me. I look forward to working with you towards positive outcomes.


Please tick the check box to indicate your acceptance of the above commitments.