Corporate Hypnosis

Or In Other Words:

Hypnotherapy For The Work Place

Dear Manager,
Being a business owner and having a background working in the corporate environment, together with my MBA degree, I am very familiar with the problems you might face dealing with your staff individually and in the work environment overall. Hypnotherapy can help you to resolve many of the issues that you face.
Group Hypnotherapy or Individual Sessions can be provided at your place of work or a venue nearby to help you to overcome your problems.  Advanced Hypnotherapy can help you and your workers with increasing productivity, overcoming procrastination, sharpening focus and enhancing business skills, increasing sales, deal with fears of public speaking or to control your weight, quit smoking or deal with stress and anxiety.
Hypnotherapy uses a deep state of relaxation whereby suggestions are made which bypass the conscious, thinking mind, enabling you to eliminate unwanted habits via access to the deeper subconscious mind, where these habits are seated. It is a natural state and is completely safe and very effective. Thousands of people from all walks of life, successfully use hypnotherapy every day.
All participants receive a reinforcement Download/CD for their continued use at home.
I offer special rates for Corporate Hypnosis.

Please Contact Me For Further Details.

Best Regards,
Diana Hayes
MBA, HPD, AdvDipH, DipNLP, CertHC
Stress Management Consultant and Advanced Hypnotherapist

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