Ease Hypnotic Sleep App

Can you think of time when you struggled to fall asleep at night?

Maybe felt tired during a day while at work?

Felt restless and agitated because you were not having enough sleep?

Would you like to fall asleep with ease, almost instantly, sleep uninterrupted through the night  and feel fresh and fully awake throughout the day?

I have designed this App to provide you with tools necessary to fix any sleep problems once and for all.

Maybe you struggle to fall asleep at night often or just occasionally..

Or wake up in the middle of the night or have restless sleep or nightmares in general.

Most common sleep problems fall into physical and mental.

For example physical causes could include bad lifestyle habits such irregular eating and/or caffeine consumption, excessive sleep, poor sleep routine etc.

While mental causes include restless mind that is constantly thinking. Your mind could be analysing and preoccupying your head thus depriving you from a rest or it might be a feeling of excitement, worry or even fear about something that restricts you from relaxing and letting go.

Certain questions might pop up in your head such as:

What’s it is going to be like tomorrow? What will she think about me? Can I do that? Why did I say that to him?  Can I pay that bill this month? .. and sometimes you may try not to think, but mind just keeps fixating on troubles.  You might feel irritated, restless, overwhelmed or agitated. Your mind will not slow down, your body does not feel comfortable and internal dialogue just keeps on going.


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