Self Hypnosis Downloads

Self Hypnosis Downloads

You will get best results from this download by giving it your full attention and listening to it every day for at least of 3 weeks. Changes may happen earlier than that and I still would recommend listening this download for 3 weeks minimum to develop a new healthy habit that will stay with you for as long as you want.


Why don’t more people use self-hypnosis or get hypnotherapy sessions? (From FAQs)

Why don’t more people take their vitamins? Or exercise? We KNOW what’s good for us but that doesn’t mean we’ll do it. We’re busy. Most of us barely keep up with all the things we feel we HAVE to do, let alone all that stuff that seems “optional.” The other reason, I believe, is that hypnosis appears very simple. So simple, that when people first try it,  they think it’s too easy to do any good. So they stop, thinking either it doesn’t work or they’re not doing it right. The truth is, an activity does not need to be complex in order to be beneficial. (Consider sit-ups and flossing and swallowing those vitamin pills!) Our society is very geared toward DOING. Most of us are not comfortable with just BEING. Practice sitting quietly on a daily basis for even 5 minutes. You’ll be surprised how challenging this is! But When you do, you will also be surprised by how much you can achieve by doing self hypnosis or attending hypnotherapy sessions.

Are you offering CDs as well or only downloads?

At the moment, only downloads are offered, these downloads presented in mp3 format and are very easy to upload to your audio device like iPhone or any other android phone, BlackBerry, iPad, or your standard mp3 player. If you need a CD and it is urgent matter please contact me.

You can listen to a sample of my voice during a natural speech and a piece from hypnotic induction as an example



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More Hypnotic Downloads Will Be Available Shortly

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