Your Relationship

Is Worry Ruining Your Relationship? Everyone knows that there are some people that are just born to worry. These people worry about anything and everything. Some of their worries are legitimate but, for the most part, they worry about things that it really makes no sense to worry about. To begin with, worry never made anything better. Worry doesn’t solve problems and it saps your energy without making things any different.

When you’ve been mistreated in a relationship, or you’ve had several of them just go wrong for whatever reason, you may have turned into a worrier. You start to worry about whether or not this new or current relationship is going to last. You may also worry about whether or not you’re attractive enough for your partner. There are so many different things that you can worry about within a relationship that you simply don’t know which ones are valid reasons to actually worry.

Something that many people worry about is introducing a new partner to their best friend. There is no shortage of horror stories that depict the best friend swooping in and stealing away the new partner. It’s little wonder that this is one of the top things that people tend to worry about. However, even if you do have “one of those friends” that you’re never sure you can trust, there’s nothing to be gained in becoming paranoid. The best way to handle that situation is to get rid of any friends that you cannot trust. They’re not really your friends anyway.

Do you worry that your partner is out telling some very personal things about you? This has been known to happen on more than one occasion. However, if you can’t trust your partner enough to keep appropriately private things between the two of you, it may be time to stop sharing those sorts of things. That’s rather sad, though, because it means that there are trust issues in your relationships when you can’t confide in your partner without it becoming public knowledge.

The question really should be whether or not you’re finding yourself worrying constantly about everything that MIGHT go wrong in your relationship. You may also be worrying about whatever else may be going wrong in your life, no matter what area it is. If you do find yourself doing that, you may also find that all of this worrying is making you a depressing person to be around. It’s like you suck the energy out of every room you walk into when you carry around all of this worry with you. Not only will you have trouble with getting a successful relationship, but you’ll find that most people will avoid being around you.

It’s very easy to let worry ruin your relationship, especially if you don’t know you’re doing it.  Be brutally honest with yourself and see if you’re one of those worriers. If you are, there’s every chance that you’re putting your relationship in jeopardy. Move forward quickly to take steps that will help you to not worry so much. Try talking things over with your partner so they know you’re not doing this on purpose. Maybe he or she can help you calm down.

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