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Having hypnotherapy with Diana is a wonderful, ethereal experience. Her nature is incredibly calming, reassuring and positive, and her words and the images she creates with them intensely powerful. Her sessions are extremely relaxing in and of themselves, but their impact also endures.

She has brought calm and clarity to my life during a time of great tension and transition. Whether you have some small niggles or something huge to work through (or both!), your journey will feel much more achievable with Diana behind you!

- Jaimie C., London – New York

“Very good experience with Diana. would definitely recommend her”

- Delphine C., London

“Wonderfully surprised! Very professional, comprehensive, flexible…and it works!! To be recommended 100%”

- Valery G., London

“Thanks to you I finally stopped smoking!”

- Linda A., London

“24lb off in 10 weeks!”

- Tamira, Valencia, Spain

“I am eating healthy now and to date I have lost 19lb!”

- John, West London

“I stopped procrastinate and made £729 in 3 days!”

- Tony, London

“I have dropped 4lbs in just 6 days!”

- Tatiana, UK

“Diana, Now I am happier, positive and much more energetic!”

- Amanda, London